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Adult Education

Adult Education


Private Lessons With Hazzan Stein 

Taught by Hazzan Stein (by appointment)

Whether you would like to hone your Torah reading skills, learn to chant a new system of trop (haftara, Esther, Eicha), or simply want to feel more comfortable in services, sign up for individual or small group lessons with Hazzan Stein. Our sessions will be geared towards participants’ interests and levels of experience. Please contact Hazzan Stein to set up an appointment.


CBINT Women’s Torah Study Group with Dr. Sherry Blumberg


9:30am - 10:30am

The Women's Torah Study Group meets weekly on Wednesdays in the CBINT Bride’s Room. The cost for this class is $50 for the spring semester or $135 for the year (includes fall, spring, and summer). The book we will be using is The Torah: A Women's Commentary, edited by Tamara Cohen and Andrea Weiss, published by URJ Press, 2008.  Contact the CBINT office to register.


The Sounds of Celebration

Taught by Hazzan Stein

First Thursday of every month

10:30am – 11:30am

Jewish holidays and ceremonies are a time to celebrate as a family, a community, and a people. In addition to the customs and rituals we observe, each has its own special music which makes it special, and helps set the mood. In this course, we will explore the unique music of various Jewish holidays and ceremonies, their origin, and the role they play the celebration. We will also learn to sing some of the music to enhance our own experience of the festivities. The schedule is as follows: January 2: The Music of Jewish Weddings; February 6: The Secret Origins of Shabbat "Standards"; March 6: Purim: The Hidden Music of the Megillah; April 3: Pesah: The Music of the Seder; May 1: Songs of Israel: Music for Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha'atzma'ut.


CBINT Learners’ Minyan 

Saturdays, once a month


The CBINT Learners' Minyan meets once a month in the Chapel with Hazzan Stein and helps attendees gain a greater overall understanding of Shabbat services. Participants will learn about the structure of Shabbat morning services, explore the meaning and significance of the prayers, and deepen their understanding of how prayer reflects Jewish life and thought.



Afternoon Book Club

Mondays, once a month


Afternoon Book Club is held in the bride’s room.  For more information, call Paula Fine at 414-352-7310414-352-7310


Evening Book Discussion

Wednesdays, once a month


For more information, call Paula Fine in the CBINT library at 414-352-7310414-352-7310