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Our Mission

Our new mission statement, values & guiding principles were approved by the Board of Trustees on Monday, March 11, 2013.  Read them HERE.

Adult Education

Adult Education Resumes at CBINT!

We are pleased to introduce adult education offerings for our community for the Winter/Spring 2019 term. I encourage you to register for any of these courses. A mix of ages and perspectives in a classroom make for particularly stimulating learning. And all our offerings this spring permit one to come as one can. That is, even if you can’t make all the sessions in a given series, come to those you can. 


To register, please email:


In your email, please specify the class/es you wish to attend and the best contact information in the event of schedule changes.


Learn well and see you in class!


~ Rabbi Alter


I. Rabbi Joel Alter – How to Read the Bible 

Tuesday Evenings, 6:30-7:45 PM

Beginning February 5 – Eight Sessions: Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26, March 5, 12, 26, April 2


Guided by Marc Zvi Brettler’s How to Read the Jewish Bible, this course will guide participants in reading the Jewish Bible as a Jew and as a modern person. After all, the Bible doesn’t read like other books, and yet it’s not entirely different from them either. This class is designed to help make the reading of Torah more meaningful and more satisfying. Hebrew not required for this course.


Dr. Brettler’s book (required for the course) will be available for $19.00 (at cost) in the synagogue office by January 28. If the book’s cost is prohibitive for you, please advise Rabbi Alter at 


II. Dr. Sherry Blumberg – American Jewish Poets and Poetry 

Thursday Evenings, 6:30-7:45 PM

Beginning March 7 – Four Sessions: March 7, 14, 28 and April 4


Veteran teacher Dr. Sherry Blumberg offers a mini-course on American Jewish Poets and Poetry. In four sessions, Sherry will survey a range of poets from the 19th Century to contemporary voices. The course promises new insight into how America has colored the voice and concerns of Jewish poets. Reservations are much appreciated, though not required.


III. Rev. Greg Lewis - A Report from the City – An Opportunity for the Shul 

Four Sessions, Including a Scholar-in-Residence Shabbat


As in so many cities, what goes on in one part of Milwaukee is a world apart from what goes on in another. Rev. Gregory Lewis, assistant pastor of St. Gabriel’s Church of God in Christ and President of Pastors United, an interdenominational organization of Milwaukee’s church leadership, will offer a four-part series on core challenges his community faces in the city. Rev. Lewis comes at Rabbi Alter’s invitation to enlighten our community and provide an opportunity for our members to address challenges just a few miles away.


Rev. Lewis will touch upon: 

1) Intercity Family Structure

2) Health and Wellness in the Black Community

3) Economics and Jobs in Disadvantaged Spaces

4) Crime and the Incarceration Rate in Communities of Color

Presentation Schedule

Wednesday, March 13                      6:30pm-7:45pm
Family Structure in the Inner City, Health and Wellness in the Black Community

Friday, March 15
Erev Shabbat Services                      6:00pm

Shabbat Dinner immediately follows Services

Reverend Lewis’ Presentation.*          8:00pm
Economics and Jobs in Disadvantaged Spaces

*Dinner reservations  are not required to attend  Reverend Lewis’  Shabbat evening presentation.

Saturday, March 16
Shabbat Services                              9:00am
Reverend Lewis will speak during the sermon and after Kiddush lunch.

Monday, March 18                             6:30pm-7:45pm
Our congregation can make a difference!

About Reverend Lewis

Reverend Greg Lewis is the Assistant Pastor of St. Gabriel’s Church of God in Christ  and President of Pastors United, an interdenominational organization of Milwaukee’s church leadership. Rev. Lewis will share a four-part presentation on core challenges his community faces in Milwaukee. Rabbi Alter and Reverend Lewis anticipate his teaching will open an opportunity for our community to work on addressing challenges a mere few miles away.

Get the flyer with RSVP form for the Friday night dinner...


IV. Ben Merens – The Art of Storytelling – Telling Powerful Stories

Sunday, May 19, 9:30 – 11:00 AM

A story is a series of moments connected through the use of your own creativity, imagination and internal spark. It should have a point or message. Storytelling is designed to inform, educate and entertain. When done well, a story meets all three of these marks. We all have a lifetime of stories to share. This workshop will open the door for you in telling a most powerful story – yours.


Ben Merens is a gifted storyteller and accomplished teacher who will bring out the best storyteller in you. As a former talk show host on Wisconsin Public Radio, he is known throughout the state. Ben was also the chief storyteller at the BloodCenter of Wisconsin’s Blood Research Institute. He has taught storytelling on the graduate level at Mount Mary University.


V. Hazzan Jeremy Stein – Soulful Singers

Select Sundays TBD, 9:40 AM


Join us as we learn a new melody each month to enhance our Shabbat services. Voices of all ranges and experience are welcome. Whether you’re a bass or soprano, a seasoned chorister or a self-proclaimed one-note-wonder, you are invited to add your voice to our growing singing community.



Private Lessons With Hazzan Stein 

Taught by Hazzan Stein (by appointment)

Whether you would like to hone your Torah reading skills, learn to chant a new system of trop (haftara, Esther, Eicha), or simply want to feel more comfortable in services, sign up for individual or small group lessons with Hazzan Stein. Our sessions will be geared towards participants’ interests and levels of experience. Please contact Hazzan Stein to set up an appointment.


CBINT Women’s Torah Study Group with Dr. Sherry Blumberg


9:30am - 10:30am

The Women's Torah Study Group meets weekly on Wednesdays in the CBINT Bride’s Room. The cost for this class is $50 for the spring semester or $135 for the year (includes fall, spring, and summer). The book we will be using is The Torah: A Women's Commentary, edited by Tamara Cohen and Andrea Weiss, published by URJ Press, 2008.  Contact the CBINT office to register.


Afternoon Book Club

Mondays, once a month


For more information, call 414-352-7310


Evening Book Discussion

Wednesdays, once a month


For more information, call 414-352-7310