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The birth of a baby is truly a miracle!  What a better place to celebrate than in the synagogue!  An aliyah to the Torah will be arranged for a parent or grandparent so that this simha can be shared with the entire congregation.

If the newborn is a female, the baby is given her Hebrew name at the conclusion of an aliyah anytime the Torah is read.  The parents are called up to the Torah to recite the blessings; the siblings and other family members are also invited to the bimah to recite the Sheheheyanu and be present when the Rabbi asks for God’s blessings.   Girls should be named as soon as possible after birth because of the tradition that it is always best to fulfill a mitzvah as soon as possible.

If the newborn is male, the baby is given his Hebrew name as part of the Brit Milah (“Bris”) ceremony.  In accordance with Jewish law and tradition, the Brit Milah is done on the eighth day of life by a Mohel especially trained in the medical and religious requirements of this ritual.  The ceremony includes the appropriate prayers and the asking for God’s blessings.  The Rabbi will be happy to help you in any way, such as in selecting a Hebrew name or contacting an approved Mohel and arranging the Brit Milah.  The Rabbi or Hazzan will be pleased to attend, dependent of course upon their availability and personal schedules.

Traditionally, the Brit Milah is held in the home.  However, if a family is unable to host the simha in their home, accommodations can be made to have the Brit Milah held in the synagogue.  Please call the synagogue office to check the availability and catering options.