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Our Mission

Our new mission statement, values & guiding principles were approved by the Board of Trustees on Monday, March 11, 2013.  Read them HERE.

Conduct in Our Sanctuary & Chapel

Jewish people conduct prayer in a community, represented by a minyan, a minimum of ten adults.  At CBINT, all those above the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah, male and female, are counted toward a minyan, receive aliyot (other than those reserved for Kohen or Levi) and read from the Torah.  The sanctuary and chapel are the special communal places in our synagogue building reserved for prayer.  As such, proper respect should be demonstrated at all times.

Proper respect is demonstrated by appropriate decorum.  The worship experience for the entire congregation is enhanced by a mood of holiness with few distractions.  Davening (praying) together in dignity strengthens our community and sanctifies God.

While secular customs and fashions are subject to frequent change, modest and respectful attire for men and women at worship services is always appropriate.  This is particularly important if one is going up to the Bimah.  All males are required to wear kippot as a symbol of modesty to the congregation and the kinship of God.  For the same reasons, married women are encouraged to cover their heads when in the sanctuary and all women on the Bimah are required to do so.  It is the custom at CBINT for all post-Bar Mitzvah Jewish men to wear a Tallit at morning services.  They are also encouraged to wear T’fillin at weekday morning prayers, and women are encouraged to do the same.

Please feel free to contact the Rabbi or Hazzan to discuss these, or other matters, in more detail.