Caring Committees

Many groups and committees and CBINT work together to create programs that carry out various aspects of our mission. This group of committees, often with the help of our clergy, lay leaders, and community partners focus on the Avodah, or service in caring for each other.

Chesed Committee

CBINT’s Chesed committee seeks to find help and comfort for those who need it. Whether it’s providing meals for life events, and for families or individuals experiencing illness, or groceries and staples other kinds of food insecurity circumstances, the Chesed committee works deliberately through Gemilut Hasadim (deeds of loving kindness) to keep our members living unexpected turns within the full embrace of our congregational family. While serving the needs of our community we are grateful to refine our own practice of compassion and grace.

Social Action

The Social Action committee is committed to the sacred task of Tikkun Olam, making the world a better place through tzedakah and social action. Primarily a philanthropic committee that organizes disbursements of funds for local, national, and international organizations, Social Action also frequently organizes actions resulting in talks by notable speakers, collections of non-perishable food items. Moreover, Social Action supports the CBINT Green Team overseeing the Mitzvah Garden which provides fresh harvests to those in need and serving as an educational tool for our community.

Membership Engagement

Beyond a warm and welcoming communication strategy, Membership Engagement is are a group of people interested in finding creative ways of connecting with each other based on the principle of Hachnassat Orchim, bringing in and welcoming guests. We work in concert with other groups and committees at CBINT to initiate or facilitate joyful experiences, organizing games and play, novel Shabbat and festival hospitality, and lead in answering the call to participate in empowering people to live their Judaism in its totality: within the synagogue’s walls, at home, and in the community at large.

To get involved with any of these Caring Committees, please be in touch with the CBINT office or submit a volunteer form and indicate your specific interest in the last text field.