Mazal Tov! CBINT rejoices with you on your upcoming wedding! We are eager to help you sanctify your marriage.

Rabbi Alter and Hazzan Stein are available to help. From scheduling and customizing your ceremony to advising and counseling you throughout your preparations, we can help you find meaning in this beautiful, ancient ritual as you step into your lives together. Please be in touch at the beginning of your planning. There is much to think about!

In addition to the Who will officiate?, Where will it be held?, and What will we eat? questions, consider an Auf Ruf prior to your ceremony. This is a special blessing for the couple at Shabbat services with the CBINT community. Consider, too, a pre-wedding visit to the Mikveh, a truly powerful custom as you prepare for this important transition.

What about same-sex couples? Of course. Welcome!

When only one partner is Jewish: While Rabbi Alter and Hazzan Stein cannot participate in the wedding itself, we eagerly welcome you to the CBINT community, including considering conversion if you desire.

Mazal Tov!