Study with Rabbi Alter

Rabbi Alter’s Classes

Rabbi Alter is a teacher at heart, committed to the idea that greater understanding can inspire passion for our tradition and a sense of agency within it. He believes that through Torah study we can discover ourselves and our place with God. This is why Jewish learning belongs to us all.

Rabbi Alter’s educational approach shapes many of his interactions with the CBINT community. For example, he and Hazzan Stein offer brief teachings in nearly every prayer service to assure that participants are always learning something new, and he works individually with all b’nei mitzvah to prepare their teachings for the congregation.

Periodically each year Rabbi Alter offers formal courses of study for the congregation. In the fall of 2020, he facilitated a JTS course on Jewish Ethics. Future offerings will include courses on Jewish thought as well as more text-based learning in Bible and Rabbinic literature. Rabbi Alter invites other instructors to offer still more adult education offerings to the CBINT community.