Illness & Healing

CBINT is a caring community. We recognize that all have their challenges, some seen and some more private. We seek to stand with one another in our adversity. We strive to ease one another’s burdens and ask that God help those who are struggling. To this end, we maintain a current list of those about whom we are particularly concerned for the mi shebeirach. This poignant prayer asks that God provide for spiritual and physical healing – refu’at haNefesh u’refu’at haGuf.

Please be in touch with the synagogue office (or Rabbi Alter and Hazzan Stein directly) to let us know if someone needs our attention. Remember that unless we know, we cannot act. Let us know, too, if someone is recovering so we may celebrate their progress!

An illness can quickly become overwhelming. CBINT’s Chesed Committee is often able to provide some direct help, especially with meals. Rabbi Alter and Hazzan Stein are in regular contact with congregants who are ill and make frequent hospital and home visits.

Be well!