CBINT Congregational Trip to Israel: A Planning Survey

Rabbi Alter, Beata Abraham, and a committee of volunteers are planning a CBINT congregational trip to Israel. We are considering traveling in the second half of 2024 or in 2025. We have identified a trip provider but need specific guidance from our community so that we can plan an appropriate trip. It won’t do to plan a trip that few can or wish to join!

Please complete the following survey. We need your name so that we can follow up substantively regarding your wants and needs. Of course, you may contact Rabbi Alter or Beata directly if there is something you wish to share in confidence.

Please complete this survey by August 21 in order to meaningfully help us in our planning.

Have you been to Israel before?
If so, when and - briefly - in what context?
On a congregational trip to Israel, many of us will want to HAVE IT ALL and SEE IT ALL!! On a ten-day trip with a real-world budget, choices must be made. Please choose up to three selections from the following fantasy wish list to help us understand what you most want from a trip to Israel with CBINT.  Please select no more than three from the following:
Is there anything you want to add about why, specifically, you'd consider traveling to Israel with CBINT?
What level of accommodation do you need for this trip?

Note: It's a given that all hotels will be vetted and vouched for by our trip provider; rooms will be safe, clean, and have appropriate amenities such as comfortable vacation-level bedding and bathrooms. Expansive buffet breakfasts (a common feature at better Israeli hotels) will be available on certain days of our itinerary. With that, would you expect a three-star or four-star hotel? The cost difference might be about $100 per room per night.
Consider that both weather and cost vary dramatically at different times of the year.
Please check as many time blocks as are viable for you.
We can imagine planning a multi-generational trip with simultaneous, separate tracks for adults and adults with children, as needed. That is, kids and adults would separate at several points along the itinerary so all may enjoy age-appropriate activities. A family member would have to supervise their children in most cases when activities are separated. Please select the option that best describes your preference for joining a congregational trip to Israel.
If you have trip-relevant physical or medical limitations, please specify. (e.g, walking, stairs, amount of time on a bus, use of a walker or cane)
Is there anything else you want to tell or ask us about your interest or needs regarding a CBINT trip to Israel?
A note on the cost of a congregational trip:
A congregational Israel trip will be expensive. The actual cost per participant will depend on the time of year we travel, how flight and hotel costs develop, how many of us participate, our itinerary, and many other factors. We are confident that some financial aid will be available for congregants who need it in order to participate. Still, at this early stage in our planning, it is too early for us to estimate costs. We know that we need to control costs in order for an Israel trip to be viable for the CBINT community. Please fill out the survey to help us understand what trip you might be interested in. We'll advise you about costs as soon as we have something to say!