Tisha b’Av

July 26, 2023 - July 27, 2023    
8:30 pm
From Wednesday evening through Thursday July 26 and 27, we will observe the fast day of the 9th of Av. In observance of this challenging and important day, we will gather in the Chapel at 8:30 PM on Wednesday to pray the evening service and chant the book of Eicha-Lamentations in its uniquely mournful trope.
Note that at the regular 6:00 PM service on Wednesday we will have prayed Minha only, not Ma’ariv.
Our service on Thursday morning will include the appropriate prayers for the day. Please note that the service will take place at the usual time: 7:30 AM. Please note as well that Tallit and T’fillin are not worn during the morning service on Tisha b’Av, but they are worn at 6:00 PM Thursday evening Minha service.
To learn more about Tisha b’Av, this is a good place to start.