Sell Your Hametz in 5783 (2023)

The Torah prohibits Jews from owning Hametz during Pesah. Hametz in one’s home that one does not own, however, is another matter. 

Tradition permits one to sell the Hametz in one’s home to a non-Jew for the duration of Pesah provided that the Hametz is designated and closed off from one’s kosher-for-Passover kitchen. For example, one might move the Hametz to a space outside the kitchen where it will be marked off-limits, or pack it into a few kitchen cabinets that are sealed off for the duration of the holiday. 

The sale is accomplished by means of a document (Sh’tar Harsha’ah) by which the owner authorizes a rabbi to sell their Hametz and arrange for its buy-back after Pesah. With the form below you can authorize Rabbi Alter to sell Hametz on your behalf. 

The form MUST be submitted by 9:30 AM on Wednesday, April 5. As the sale will be completed at 9:30, late authorizations cannot be included. 

A fully completed form, submitted by 9:30 AM Central Savings Time on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, constitutes one’s authorization of Rabbi Joel Alter to sell one’s Hametz on their behalf.

Sale of Hametz Form

Instructions for Ma’ot Hittin donations will appear after submitting the form.