Shabbat Services

Kabbalat Shabbat – 6:00 p.m.
Shabbat Morning – 9:30 a.m.
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Shabbat morning services are the largest regular gatherings of the CBINT community outside of the holidays. A word about the space where we gather: CBINT’s Sanctuary draws one into the gentle arc of its seats as one’s eyes receive natural light from above and from the beautiful Eternal Lamp. The sweep of the Sanctuary culminates in inspirational visions of the Burning Bush that echo one another on the Ark doors and the Torah covers behind them, and finally resolves in the stacked geometric design of the Ark itself.

We take comfort when we see one another in our habitual places in the Sanctuary. There we open our hearts to Torah for another turn in its annual cycle, lift our voices in prayer and song, celebrate and grieve milestones in our lives, reflect on matters of the day and our lives through Rabbi Alter’s sermons, welcome visitors and new members, and share a meal (and perhaps a schnapps) as we catch up over kiddush lunch. For these reasons and more, Shabbat morning is where CBINT “happens” for many members of the CBINT community and we invite you to be present there.

Absence from our Shabbat morning service is among the Covid pandemic’s painful consequences but CBINT has maintained a strong version of our Shabbat service on Zoom throughout. Please join us there until we are able to come together in person again.